Vondelpark Project


In 2014, together with 4 other photographers (Danielle Celie, Noortjes Schmit, Caroline Bijl and Henri Blommers) I participated in the big photo exposition 'U, Nu!' in the central park of Amsterdam: the Vondelpark. Each photographer gave his/her own unique perspective of this often visited and photographed park. Five known Dutch writers (Anna Enquist, Mieke Zwamborn, Maartje Wortel, Jan van Mersbergen and K. Schippers) participated by each writing a piece inspired by one of the 5 photo series. A beautifully designed book was published with our images and the pieces of the writers. In my series, I presented visitors with a surprising view of the park unknown to them: from, or just below, the water surface. My photos were placed in the water at the locations where the photos were taken. Like this the watcher, when looking at a photo, was standing at the place which was photographed. Thus he/she saw how a fish or an insect sees him/her from, or just below, the water surface (that is, if a fish or insect would see like us :-) ).